Banking, Commerical / Industrial, & Utilities

Fee-only Insurance consulting


1. Completed an Insurance Review and Risk Management Audit for a five-bank holding company. Consolidated bond and insurance programs into one that resulted in a 30% savings of the annual premium while increasing coverage at the same time.

2. Aided a financial institution under a regulatory Cease and Desist Order, to obtain a Financial Institution Bond through a standard insurance carrier. Coverage was improved and the annual premium cost was reduced.

3. Assisted a multi-billion dollar asset bank in bidding its Bond and Directors and Officers Liability coverage. Prepared bids and made recommendation to management. The result was in increase in coverage and a reduction in premium costs with a minimum of time involvement by management.

4. In a recent analysis of a bank’s operations, two activities were discovered that were not covered by the Financial Institution Bond. One of these activities could have resulted in regulatory intervention. Both activities were immediately corrected with no cost to the bank and very little interruption to operations.

5. Assisted a Georgia bank to come into compliance with the State’s recommended three (3) year outside insurance audit.

6. Reviewed a bank’s Internet operations and made appropriate changes in coverages and limits in the insurance program.



1. Did an insurance review and risk management audit for a major manufacturing concern. Was able to detect insurance needs and assisted in its insurance renewal resulting in improved insurance coverage and reduced insurance costs.

2. Consolidated the insurance program for a multi-location, multi-state rental property owner, saving over 40% of annual premium dollars while improving coverage.

3. Did a Worker’s Compensation audit review for a medium size metal fabricator. Discovered insurance company errors resulting in over $20,000 in returned premiums.



1. Assisted Utility in analyzing its exposure in relation to the State’s Municipal Tort Liability Act. Put together an insurance program that enabled the Utility to take advantage of the Act and the insurance marketplace as well.

2. Reviewed a Gas Utility’s insurance and risk management program. Put the program out for bid and improved coverage 20% while lowering premium costs 15%. Have continued to provide services to the Utility maintaining excellent coverage while managing to lower costs at least 5% per year.

3. Reviewed a Utility’s General Liability insurance, discovering numerous insurance company’s errors, resulting in a significant premium credit to the Utility, rather than the additional premium billed by the insurance company.

4. Reviewed a Gas Utility District’s operations and insurance program discovering several areas that would not be covered by its current insurance program. Then assisted the Utility in obtaining proper insurance coverage at a competitive price.