Banking, Commerical / Industrial, & Utilities

Fee-Only Insurance Consulting


No Insurance Sales

Primary Industries include Banking, Commercial / Industrial, & Utilities
Option 1 – Insurance Company Audit Reviews
  • Workers Compensation and General Liability
Option 2 – Insurance Policy Audits
  • Includes a report to management of findings
Option 3 – Insurance Bid Specification Preparation or Insurance Renewal Assistance


Option 4 РFull Risk Management Services to include:
  • Operational Audit
  • Insurance Policy Audit
  • Report on first two items
  • Bid specification completion (if requested) or renewal information preparation
  • Review of new insurance policies to be sure they comply with requests
  • Continuing Risk Management consulting services for the full term of the contract

Special projects as requested by client

Speaking Engagements

  • Contact us if you’d like a speaker on insurance and risk management issues